Road development for ten years, with the efforts of all staff, products are exported to north and South America, Western Europe, eastern Europe, southeast Asia and other regions, and the major key projects at home and abroad cooperation and achieved, one after another brilliant achievements attracting worldwide attention. Road T T waterproof plug wire, wire and cable, waterproof connectors, sensors, waterproof connector series of products are widely used in domestic focus on large-scale projects such as the Olympic stadium, water cube, international famous projects such as the expo - Hungary pavilion, the Hong Kong Olympic racetrack, pavilion, the western corridor shenzhen and Hong Kong, China's high-speed rail, cnooc underwater detection, military, etc...

Part of the project list (in no particular order)

International: water cube for the Beijing Olympic Games, world expo pavilion, the western corridor shenzhen and Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Olympic racetrack, dubai's palm, France's new platform of high speed railway

Guangzhou: guangzhou municipal public security bureau of the new building, guangzhou jinhan exhibition line center, the provincial conference center, guangzhou zhongshan medical college, south China university of technology, guangzhou nanfang hospital, ascot nanyuan, sanshui mobile complex Olympic garden, panyu, guangzhou metro line 3

: dongguan humen sprinkle the shop in datong city garden, stone row of jinxiu jiangnan, dongguan people's hall, Milky Way, legends, south China MALL, silver side square, civil servants, hongshan plaza garden city

Shenzhen: shenzhen south China merchants bank, shenzhen library, shenzhen city, shenzhen institute of information technology, convention and exhibition center parking lot, star city, longhua XinYiJia, shenzhen pingan project

Other: the new campus of the sichuan sichuan, chengdu west garden, dujiangyan, zhaoqing Mr Weiss DouJiang garden hotel, Beijing workers' stadium, xiamen overseas Chinese seaview town caux, chengdu, tianjin caux

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